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terms of usage

To not forget absolutely

They must be the first thought while browsing the site; be sure to follow them, or you will be banned.
  1. DO NOT copy/direct-link/steal or imitate anything on this site.
  2. You can only change premade layouts' font family, size and color; NO other changes allowed.
  3. Headers cannot be modified in any way; for customized headers go to my webstore.
  4. DO NOT request image variatons of my designs; none will be made.
  5. DO NOT take out the layouts' credits part; they must remain visible.
  6. DO NOT claim as yours and/or redistribute any graphic/resources on this site.
  7. DO link back, if you use anything from this site (a text link on your credits page is enough).


The real copyrights

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING on this site except my hand-made graphics; everything original - the images, the original characters and the series, etc. - BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
The layout design and all the graphics on this site are copyrighted exclusively to me with a little help (check the credits for that). By visiting Hakanai Designs, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions listed up on this page. If you're found breaking them, you will be banned from the site and I will contact your host about it.
I do NOT make money with this, it's just for passion; any copyrights infringement is not voluntarily wanted.