I'm Ainna, and Hakanai.net is my fanlisting collective—a digital hub for all the tiny, joinable tributes I make to subjects I love. All subjects here are approved by and listed at The Fanlistings and The Anime Fanlistings networks, fan communities of which I have been a member since 2004.

You're looking at the second version of this site (designed for desktop, not mobile), featuring fanart of FREE!'s Tachibana Makoto by Johanndro, used with permission. Full credits and disclaimers are here.


I've opened, adopted out, and closed a number of fanlistings over the years, but the ones below are those I have decided to keep. Feel free to join a few ;) To know more about my other online projects, visit Northstar.nu.

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Fanlistings have always been, to me, badges of one's interests at a particular time; some last for a long time, while others are just a fleeting fancy. Over the years, I've joined maybe a couple of thousand things, the subjects for which are below.


As it has been over a decade, I'm constantly cleaning up dead links. If a link is broken, you may let me know, or go to TFL or TAFL to see the most updated list of subjects.

The following is a list of FLs I used to own and still have the members' list for. If these subjects are available and you get approved for them at TFL or TAFL, please feel free to message me to ask for the old list! Just remember to credit me and all other former owners. :)

K.I.M. stands for "Keep in Mind," and it's a list of people who expressed interest in taking care of any of the fanlistings I currently own, should I ever decide to give them up for adoption. (This means they get first dibs at taking over the subject they signed up for.) I do not intend to make my KIM list public, but if there's any subject you want to be listed for, kindly shoot me a message.

儚い is Nihongo for "ephemeral," which is my meager poetic attempt to capture the essence of this hobby. Interests wax and wane, and FLs are precisely testaments to that tendency. However, it could also be argued that we become more conscious of the things that last because there are things that are only meant to be temporary—some loves are designed to be fleeting, but they will not be forgotten.

On a more practical note, this site also fulfills my need to keep my main collective less cluttered, as well as to own a Japanese domain to reflect my love for anime and manga, which comprise a large chunk of the FLs I own.

For questions, affiliation, comments, and KIM requests, you can fill out the form, or email me directly.

Hit me up if you also own a fanlisting collective and would like to exchange links. Do also consider joining Ephemeral, my fanlisting collective directory. ♥

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