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Summer update

Floated on August 05 2017 | 3 ephemeral souls

[EDITED ON 08.20]ATTENTION :: I'm going on vacation, starting tomorrow, at my "internet-less" aunt's cottage located on the coast of Tuscany....if you hear nothing from me for the next 8-12 days, maybe more, that's why. :p Cheers. [/EDITED]

Hello there friends, and welcome to Hakanai's summer update. ^.^
It's not a huge update, but it's not tiny either; but first, let's talk about Hakanai's new look....who has a troubled history. xD

The site's version 7.0 is called Out there; it's a purple, pink and blue advanced divs layout featuring some unknown series or artwork; it's based on a very old stylesheet (one of the firsts I downloaded when I first came across stylesheets around 3-4 years ago)....and I decided to use this after having discarded 6 designs I had started. You heard right: no matter how hard I tried to make my own premade for Hakanai, the result always turned out ugly and I deleted everything; after making the header, though, I saw this css template and decided it fit the site quite good. So I went with it....and the more I look at it, the more I like the result. =)

Now for the additions: they are a bit less than my usual number, but it's still a pretty big batch; I made most of it yesterday, after downloading a pack of CardCaptor Sakura resources. Anyway, here is the full list of what has been added.
  • 6 new div designs, most of which are my sites' older looks.
  • 6 new headers, mostly featuring CardCaptor Sakura.
  • 6 new site names, all come out while reading fan fictions.
I would've liked to wait until I had a couple of table designs as well before updating, but in that case update was to be in September which was too late; I hope you enjoy the new things and remember, feedback is life so don't be stingy with it. n.n

Have to go now, as I want to rewatch the Underworld saga including its latest installment Blood Wars; see you all next time - which will be in September, as next week I'm leaving for my usual 1 or 2 weeks at my aunt's sea cottage where there's no internet.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful Sunday. ♥

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